Why Will the Far Right Fade

3 min readJul 15
Photo by Pat Whelen on Unsplash

Because America is coming to its senses.
And there’s no one better to get us there than Mr Trump.
His effort to become, once again, president of our nation, reminds us all of the national lapse of judgment that made his first term possible.
All nations have pockets of ugliness that need to be addressed and cleaned up.
Trump symbolizes ugliness that refuses to be cleaned up. In fact, he insists that it not be.
But It didn’t have to be that way.
At the start of his term he could’ve said to his supporters, ‘your concerns are my concerns but there’s the other side’s concerns and we need to sit down and parley. Compromise we must.’
But he couldn’t do it. He didn’t know how.
And that’s his profound limitation.
He’s good at stirring up resentments but not capable of working to resolve them.
He’s talked of ending the war in Ukraine in one day. If you believe that, then go look yourself in the mirror and ask, ‘do I look like a fool?’
The war in Ukraine is an extraordinary historical event pitting a determined nation sacrificing thousands of its people, against a thug bent on destroying it.
The same thug who has silenced the voices of his people and beat them into submission.
Trump likes Putin, the oppressor. Not Zelensky, the fighter for freedom and democracy.
That Trump position, by itself, should be sufficient to disqualify him. But his supporters seem unable to see the big picture.
The Far Right will start to fade in America not because they grasp the futility of Trump and the harm he will bring to our land and the world, but because the majority of Americans see Trump for what he is, a man wanting to lead a free nation but not knowing where to begin.
The Far Right exists because there are pockets of resentment that so called leaders spot and stir so as to get elected.
The Far Right in our land is a symbol of backwardness and it will gradually fade as its members realize that they deserve far better than the views they’ve chosen to support.
The Far Right’s members will, sooner or later, realize that they must compete with everyone else to make their way in this land. That privilege needs to be earned.
Hard work and determination is what brings us freedom.
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