Where’s Israel’s Apology?

3 min readMay 26, 2024
Photo by BehindTheTmuna on Unsplash

Yes, you were cruelly assaulted by Hamas on October 7th, 2023, with 1200 Jews killed and over 230 taken hostage, and yet you owe an apology.
An apology to the world and to Gazans.
An apology because you could not control your rage and you are a first world nation and first world nations should know better.
So you failed.
So far, the number of dead Palestinians is estimated to be 35,000 and counting, the vast majority of them noncombatants.
If today, in your insistence to take over Rafah, you have made efforts to spare non combatant lives, it is because the cries of protesters throughout the world rang so loud that some of it got through to you.
So we know you’re not deaf, but wisdom has failed you.
You should’ve reflected before you acted as you did.
Your rage didn’t let you.
You failed to heed the voices of your humanists who counseled moderation even in the face of the great pain you suffered.
Instead, you listened to the voices of those who totally reject the possibility of a separate Palestinian nation (sometime in the future) and choose to devalue Palestinians.
No people on earth are intrinsically better than any other.
There are people more accomplished than others, yes, the result of a combination of factors that include discipline, intelligence and perseverance but also circumstances of nature that favored their unequal development. Call it existential luck.
So those who lucked out, have an obligation to those…




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