What the Upcoming Biden/Trump Debate Should Not Be

3 min readJun 19, 2024
Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash

It should not be about demonizing each other.
We are doing enough of that already.
The debate should not be about name calling, either.
Whoever stays away from that trap will come out the winner.
However much we have surrendered to the twin demons of deification of our side and demonization of the other, in our minds we will be anxiously watching to see if our chosen champions do better than us.
And we will cringe if the debate becomes an exchange of verbal abuses.
Because if so then the moment will be devalued and wasted and we cannot afford it.
The future of the nation is at stake.
By now — unless you’ve been purposely ignoring the news — you should know very well who each candidate is and what they stand for.
What we’re desperately yearning for now is for signs of civility while under pressure.
We’re looking to see if in this contest of opposing ideas, true qualities of leadership for all Americans are there.
Because that is what our nation needs. People who welcome the dialogue with the other side because they see the value of it. A leader who will listen to opposing concerns even if he has the majority in the House and Senate to push through a certain legislation.
Our divisions are exhausting us, diverting us from the common purpose that is dearly needed to deal effectively with the many threats the world is facing.
Like the horror of Putin in Russia, who’s determined to…




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