Trump as a Phase in America’s Evolution

4 min readFeb 25, 2024
Photo by Joseph Barrientos on Unsplash

We will continue to evolve and move past Trump, but at this point, we’re stuck with him and need to process him.
His personality flaws are very clear. He doesn’t try to hide them but flashes them instead.
As if he’s saying to us, ‘I don’t need to evolve as a human being, I’m fine as who I am. Yes, I crave a lot of attention and will do whatever I must to get it. And I find validation in seeing how many of you adore me.
Incite an assault on Capitol Hill — why not? Order my vice president to overturn the election — why not?
I love the admiration all of you give me. It tells me that I don’t need to improve myself. I have arrived. I’m at the pinnacle of my being. And it gives me great pleasure to tell all of you that to be like me is a great accomplishment. I want all of my admirers to be like me. To want more for themselves. To be selfish.
By your loving me I’m freeing you from your worries that you are not enough. Yes, you are enough. Never mind compassion for the poor and disadvantaged. Get rich first. Time is running out for most of us, so act now!’

We can define Trump as a narcissist who wants the rest of Americans to be narcissists, too.
Those Americans may have had reservations about becoming full fledged narcissists but with Trump’s encouragement, they’re now saying ‘let’s just try it. We love the man, love his daring and how he blurts out whatever he thinks.’
‘Has he mistreated women in the past? We don’t believe it. The government is just trying to get money out of him.’

Trump again — ‘I have not had yet a conversation with God — I think it’s coming though — but when it happens I know he’ll tell me, “Win for me, Donald, win for all of us, the blessed.”
And why should we be helping Ukraine? They must’ve antagonized Putin for him to send in his troops to invade them. I have met him and I can tell you that I looked into his eyes and realized the kindness in his heart. He’s a rich man and could just be enjoying himself, but instead he’s working hard for all Russians. Sacrificing himself. Enduring the daily criticism of the degenerate Western press. And I will take the aid we’re sending to Ukraine and cut all of you a big fat check!’
‘We should not…




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