The Upcoming Presidential Debate

4 min readJun 6, 2024
Photo by Ethan Sykes on Unsplash

Will be key to the remainder of the campaign.
Biden will be carefully observed for signs of diminished mental capacity but my sense is that it won’t be an issue.
Biden is a war president. He’s had to lead us and the West through the horrors of the conflict in Ukraine — the largest armed conflict on European soil since WWII — and also, lately, through the ongoing disaster in Gaza.
All the while, here at home, he’s had to confront the painful aftermath of Covid and the resulting inflation. In doing so he’s shown resolve and a profound commitment to the welfare of all Americans.
And yet he has struggled at the polls.
Our nation is facing a huge challenge from China. We have not had an adversary of such magnitude since WWII. China is competitive, aggressive and enormously ambitious.
The war in Ukraine has lasted so long because China has helped Russia evade sanctions.
So, in effect, we are at war with China, also.
They seem convinced that our internal disarray will make it easier for them to surpass us both economically and militarily.
But they will not succeed because there is no freedom in China.
Still, their threat is real, so we need to do better than to fight each other and instead work hard to find compromises.
Trump, however, has no interest in that. He never talks about dialogue. What he wants is to appeal to emotion and to stir rage amongst us. His interest is to get elected — period. Even if it…




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