The Tragedy of Palestine

3 min readOct 11, 2023
Photo by Leon Wu on Unsplash

The enduring conflict won’t come to an end next week, next year or a decade from now.
It will fester for a long time, with intermittent eruptions like the one we’re living through now.
Over the years, both parties have made mistakes. Grave mistakes.
But Israel has managed to develop and prosper as a nation in an extraordinary way.
Tiny Israel has no oil to pump out and sell.
No mineral resources that the rest of the world wants.
And yet they shine on the world stage.
So why haven’t Palestinians done the same?
Is there a conspiracy to oppress them, to exploit them for the benefit of Israel?
The answer for the difference lies in governance. The lack of enlightened leadership.
The political organization Hamas has been a resounding failure.
Palestinians are no less than Israelis.
Nature is very democratic. It creates talent everywhere.
But those talents have to be nurtured to find full expression.
The Arab nations that surround Palestine have not invested in the education of Palestinians.
There is no greater harm to other human beings than to deprive them of the chance to develop their abilities.
Arab nations have not stepped up and said to Palestine, ‘commit to the peaceful resolution of your territorial grievances with Israel. That will come. But commit, now, to the fullest development of your potential as human beings.’
If the Palestinian people were to make such commitment, then they could ask the developed nations of the world, ‘Come and invest in us, for we want to be as successful — or more — as Israelis has been on the world stage.’ And I am sure that a majority of developed nations would answer, ‘yes, we will help you.’ They would join to provide enormous aid to the intellectual, scientific, technological and industrial growth of Palestine.
So why hasn’t this happened?
Because of the lack of governance and enlightened leadership.
Arab nations have done a profound disservice to Palestine. Which is not difficult to understand because democracy is absent in the region.
And so the people of Palestine have given in to the advocates of violence. And the advocates of violence have yielded to the clerics of Iran who are eager to create as much turmoil in the area to enhance the repression of their own people, particularly the women’s movement that recently protested vehemently for greater freedoms.
Russia, too, is glad to back Iran’s support of Hamas and the recent attack on Israel.
But they too…




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