The Mind of Hamas

3 min readNov 3, 2023
Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

Trapped in Gaza. Not able to see beyond its borders.
It made a deal with Iran — supply us and train us — and we’ll hit Israel, your archenemy.
‘We’ll hit them good so it hurts a lot.
We’ll convince our long suffering people, that it’s okay to die for the cause.
That it’s okay to be firing missiles from right next to a hospital because we know what we’re doing and the missiles won’t misfire and fall on the hospital itself.
We’ll convince our long suffering people that they need to put up with some pain, die even,
to protect us from the wrath of Israel.
Because there will be wrath after what we will do to them.
And we know, of course, that Iran will back us up if things don’t go well’. (still waiting).

Hamas could’ve looked beyond its nose, past the entreaties of Iran to be its proxy,
and asked, ‘why do Israeli settlers keep taking Palestinian land in the West Bank?’
‘Can’t we ask the world for help with that? Shouldn’t that be our priority?’
‘Can’t we say, we need assistance here, our thinking needs to look at new ways to get us out of the misery we’ve living in. We’re a smart people, but we’ve been stuck in a cycle of violence and poverty’.
‘Can’t we ask developed nations to invest in us, in our children…




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