The Iran Russia Axis

2 min readOct 10, 2023
Photo by Levi Meir Clancy on Unsplash

On October 7. the Palestinian political organization Hamas launched a large scale attack on Israel from Gaza. Using thousands of rockets, they caused significant loss of life in Israel and also captured over one hundred Israeli hostages including American citizens. They intend to use them as pawns for negotiations.
In the early hours of the attack, Hamas militants murdered scores of Israelis who were attending a musical festival near the southern border.
Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, declared that Israel was now at war with Hamas.
The immensity of the firepower and brazenness of the action signals that Iran was involved,
supplying weaponry and planning.
Their objective — destroy Israel.
My take is that Russia also supported the attack.
Russia has a deep interest in destabilizing the area. Turmoil in the Middle East calls for diverting resources from the West intended for the war in Ukraine, leading to the strengthening of Russia’s position.
Clearly, the internal political distress that Israel was stuck in as Netanyahu sought to add more powers for himself, was a factor in distracting the nation and making them more vulnerable.
Iran pounced on the opportunity. And I say it did so with the consent and encouragement of Russia.
Iran already has a close relationship with Putin and his gangsters. They have been a strong supplier of drones used to kill Ukrainians.
Israel had not taken a position on the war between Russia and Ukraine, arguing that it needed Russia’s cooperation in Syria to counter Iranian military already there.
That strategy has now backfired.
To Russia, the more important ally is Iran.
That Iran is a bad actor has long been known. They help support Assad in Syria while working hard to extend their influence in neighboring Iraq. In Lebanon they support Hezbollah,
a military organization whose reason for being is the destruction of the Jewish state.
Iran has a horrible record of cruelty and oppression against their own population, the most recent being the ghastly suppression of a women led movement calling for greater personal and political freedoms.
Led by a theocracy, Iran is clearly intent on becoming the dominant power in the region.
What will happen to Hamas is difficulty to say. But an enraged Israel is likely to pursue its extinction.
Meanwhile, the West should take this assault as a reminder that winning the war in Ukraine is a high priority. A defeat for Russia is a defeat for…




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