The Horror of the Middle East War

3 min readNov 10, 2023
Photo by mohammed al bardawil on Unsplash

The dead keep piling up. Israel keeps pushing in.
So why doesn’t Hamas surrender?
Estimates of the dead in Gaza are rough approximations. Eleven thousand, so far?
So why doesn’t Hamas say, ‘we started this fight, we have lost.’
Why doesn’t Hamas say, ‘the human cost that so outrages the world was brought on because of our actions’.
Why can’t they step up with such an admission?
I read that a Hamas supporter had said, ‘before the war, no one was talking about Palestine, now everyone is.’ So, violence made it possible. Shame on you.
You lacked the imagination and initiative to bring your cause before the world. Instead, you chose to use your people as pawns for your absurd actions.
I read that the Washington Post, an American newspaper, pulled a cartoon that was scheduled for publication because their employees called it racist. The cartoon had Hamas using fellow Gazans as human shields for their actions.
That is not racist. That is what happened and is happening.
The human cost is horrific.
President Biden has called for pauses in the Israeli attacks to allow for the exit of civilians from the besieged territories.
It is not clear if Hamas has stopped firing missiles on Israel. If they have, then Israel should stop firing their own missiles. Continue on with your ground operations seeking Hamas militants but do not injure any non militant Palestinians.
Hamas should surrender all hostages. They were intended as human cover, pawns to trade in for their survival.
I read that Saudi Arabia is now calling for complete cessation of Israeli attacks, not for pauses for humanitarian reasons. But why aren’t they calling out Hamas and its butchers? Why aren’t they denouncing, in the same sentence, their attack on Israel?
The calls for the stop of the war have spread worldwide. People, everywhere, are outraged by the insanity of the cruelty.
But we’ve yet to hear from Hamas. We’ve yet to hear from them on why did they decide that crossing the border into Israel and killing over a thousand people was a good move for their public relations.
Hamas needs to own up to their cruelty, their stupidity, their lack of imagination and, yes, using their fellow citizens as shields.
Hamas deserves no redemption. They are a colossal failure.
What their fellow Arab countries should be doing, including Saudi Arabia, is working on a way to get them out of Gaza — even in exchange for hostages — so they stop polluting…




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