The Coin of Life

3 min readMay 13, 2024
Photo by Torsten Dederichs on Unsplash

We don’t have to write a book to be creative. Don’t have to start a business, write or sing a song, solve scientific problems or invent anything.
But we do have to develop ourselves.
We must develop who we are so we can say to ourselves and the world, this is who I am.
And because I am this, then I am not the other.
Developing ourselves allows us to interact meaningfully with other human beings, no matter how different they may appear on the surface.
On any given day, if we muster the courage to fully interact with others, that counts as a creative act.
To accept who we are and identify what could be improved, becomes an act of creation of the first order.
Fully accepting who we are will open us to accepting others. Connections are then made and we can listen to another human being talk about anything they wish. We will be able to reflect on any given subject and examine it as best our level of maturity allows at such time.
The key point is that we will not flinch from the moment.
We ought not allow ourselves to be intimidated by the accomplishment of others.
Encouraged, yes, intimidated never.
If I am this, then I am not the other.
The Coin of Life.
The ‘I am going to be myself’ side and the ‘I am not going to be myself’ side.
Constructive versus destructive.
There is no place in between. The edge of the coin is no place to hide in.
The process of centering ourselves can be lifelong but it need not be.
Some people move faster…




Writer and psychiatrist. Writing is thinking -> integrating -> connecting -> enhancing our being. Though we can think without writing.