Race Relations Cabinet Level Position

by Oscar Valdes 1/28/2017

Yes, a department such as housing, energy, education, transportation or defense, with the sole purpose of reminding us that skin color is just that, a color, and that the expression of anyone’s potential is made possible by nutrition, education and social stimulation acting in concert, and that when that process is hindered it is because cultural and political forces aim to suppress such expression so as to favor the dominance of another group.

For too long these repressive forces have been at work in our country. They obstruct the productive dialogue that is necessary to maximize the capabilities of all of our citizens. Advances have been made since slavery days and yet we have prisons filled with blacks and latinos, as well as white people throughout the land who, by holding onto racist beliefs, have trapped themselves in cultural and economic poverty and denied themselves of possibilities.

Our increasingly complex world demands that we maximize the potential of all our citizens. Immigration has contributed greatly to our growth, drawing from the rest of the world the talented and motivated, but we must invest in our underclasses, black, latino, asian or white. Overcoming prejudice will liberate productive forces that stand to vastly increase the quality of our lives here at home while bringing us new energies to interact with other nations. A Department of Race Relations, entrusted with the sole task of overcoming prejudice, will make us richer culturally and economically.


writer and psychiatrist with an interest in current affairs

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writer and psychiatrist with an interest in current affairs