Oh Hungary!

Oh Hungary!
You disappoint.
You’ve reelected Viktor Orban as your leader for a 5th term as prime minister.
Putin sent a congratulatory message.
He needs friends these days and you obliged.
Of course, the oil and gas he sells you is also helpful.
We understand how difficult it is to deal with Putin,
A small minded man with big weapons,
but for you to be so quiet about his murdering Ukrainians,
your neighbors, is difficult to understand.
It wasn’t that long ago, in 1956,
that the same Russians crushed your revolution, your call for freedom.
But you’ve forgotten.
I know you’ve fought many wars with the Russians and not won any,
but isn’t Ukraine’s fight an inspiration?
Something is happening there that is different.
A new nation is being born.
Ukrainians are tearing themselves apart from an oppressor
that has chosen not to allow them the right to be who they wish.
Oh Hungary,
You’re entitled to your fears,
But face them you must or you’ll forget what matters
and leave it to others to decide for you.
Helping Ukraine arm itself now is critical.
They are not asking you to shed a drop of blood for them.
They will do that.
All they’re asking is for you not to let the fear of Putin
silence your hearts.
There is still time.
Russia will never be the same again.
The dead in Ukraine will never go away, their cities turned to rubble,
the children without parents, the brave combatants offering their lives.
Oh Hungary,
look at the pictures, listen to their cries, it is the sight of a nation being born
as it is being crushed.
It is the sight of a nation’s courage changing our world.
Oh Hungary,
Speak out!

To the memory of Mike Kannas

Oscar Valdes oscarvaldes.net, medium.com, anchor.fm, buzzsprout, apple and google podcasts



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writer and psychiatrist with an interest in current affairs