Netanyahu Announces his Choice to Find and Kill Hamas Leaders

3 min readDec 2, 2023
Photo by Lara M on Unsplash

Is it a sound choice?
Hamas leaders are guilty of the death of over a thousand Israelis.
They are guilty of inciting Palestinians to rage, rage, rage against their neighbors.
Guilty of striving hard to put in the minds of their brothers and sisters that the only way to freedom is to get rid of Israel. To expel it from the region. To annihilate it.
Hamas leaders are guilty of using their own people as shields against Israel’s attacks on them.
At last count more than 10 Palestinians had died for every Israeli that has perished.
And it’s not over. After a brief truce to exchange hostages, fighting has resumed.
President Biden has led world leaders in reminding both countries that the two state solution is essential to move forward.
But Netanyahu and his supporters stand in the way.
His choice to find and kill Hamas leaders, wherever they are, is not a sound choice.
The more developed nation has to take the initiative. And so it falls to Israel to begin the process of settling the conflict.
The more mature of the two adversaries has to remind the other of the value of life.
Israel is a first world nation. Gaza is poor country dependent on the aid of others for basic sustenance.
But first world nations can also fall prey to bad leaders.
Netanyahu is not a first world leader.
He is presently defending himself against charges of corruption while in office. He has condoned that Israeli settlers go into the West Bank in contravention of international law.
And it has emerged that, for the last year, Israel knew that Hamas had plans to attack it.
Netanyahu failed to respond.
Why? Because it served his purposes.
It seems obvious that Netanyahu does not favor a two state solution. But the world won’t stand for Palestinians to not have their own land.
The challenge is to learn how to share it.
Calling for the hunting down and killing of all Hamas leaders is a poor choice.
So why has Israel kept reelecting Netanyahu?
What has happened to the mature voices in Israel that call for peace with their neighbor?
Palestinians will not be extinguished.
Americans and the world will not consent to it.
So some kind of dialogue needs to begin.
The Far Right in Israel, like the Far Right everywhere, has nothing to offer except vengeance.
The Far Right everywhere, appeals to the unimaginative, to the blinded by rage, to the frightened, to the spiritually…




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