More On The Horror of Gaza

3 min readNov 16, 2023
Photo by براء حبوش on Unsplash

Israel keeps advancing in Gaza.
Aided by superior technology, their fierce determination is driving them forward.
Hamas needs to surrender but it won’t, trapped as they are in their belief that the bleeding and suffering of Palestinians will enrage the world and lead to a cease fire.
But it doesn’t look like that will be the outcome.
Palestinians will keep bleeding while Hamas hides in their tunnels.
Hamas’ supporters have not made a difference.
In America, Biden and his team have been clear eyed, as when they call for Israel to make every effort to spare the innocent. And when they express their support for the two state solution in the area.
Meanwhile, Netanyahu has much to answer to the Israeli people. Why was the border with Northern Gaza so poorly guarded? He’s already attempted to shift the blame on to some of his ministers but later retracted.
And why have the Israeli people reelected him, again and again?
Are there no leaders of the quality of Yitzhak Rabin, the prime minister murdered by an Israeli ultranationalist for his support of the Oslo Accords, that called for the respect of Palestinian rights and the support of the two state solution?
It happened 28 years go this very month.
Back then, Netanyahu prodded on the Right wing movement that grew so extreme that it labelled Rabin a Nazi and even compared him to Hitler. In July 1995, he even led a protest that included a mock coffin for Rabin and where people openly called for his death. Four months later, he was assassinated by a 25 year old.
At present, in the West Bank, there have been many documented abuses by the settlers against Palestinians. They should not be condoned.
Hamas has committed unforgivable atrocities against the Israeli people.
The Palestinian people have erred tragically in choosing Hamas as their guide to resolve their differences with Israel. They must reckon with their poor judgment, steeped in long simmering rage.
But Israelis have much work to do also. Allowing a man like Netanyahu to remain in power for as long as he has is a sad blemish on their history.
There are no victors in that blood drenched land, only losers.
Palestinians need to take the initiative and commit to a peaceful solution for their long standing conflict. It is the smart solution. It is the path to enlisting the world’s good will to go to their side and do all it can to transform their nation into a prosperous land.
Violence has been tried…




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