Luna 25 Crashes on the Moon

3 min readAug 21, 2023
Photo by Pedro Lastra on Unsplash

The module, Russia’s attempt to get back into the space race, didn’t land but crashed.
I am sure that Putin was expecting a successful landing, to then boast that he could not only wage a war of extermination in Ukraine, his neighbor nation, but also be a competitor with China and the US in space exploration.
But no. The complexity of the technology to land a module on the moon requires sophisticated inputs from many sources, which a nation under sanctions, like Russia, does not have access to.
Incidentally, India has a module now in transit to the same destination and my prediction is that their craft will land successfully. India, unlike Russia, is still open to the world.
It wasn’t long ago that Putin stated that Russia could prosper in isolation. It cannot.
The remark is yet another sign of his backwardness, his lack of vision and the wrong direction he has taken his nation into.
His fan, Donald Trump, will probably find time in his busy schedule trying to stay out of prison, to commiserate with him and encourage him to fight on and never give up. Victory is in sight, he will likely remark, and then, after Ukraine is completely destroyed, an alliance with the Far Right governments in Europe will allow for the greater expansion of the Russian Enlightenment.
What else can we call that divine movement springing from the mind of such an advanced leader as Vladmir Putin? A movement that seeks to elicit in all human…




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