Losing The War

3 min readOct 3, 2023
Photo by Aleksandr Eremin on Unsplash

Imagine for a moment that scenario.
Russia, aided by all the nations which have been ‘neutral’ in the conflict (India, Turkey, Brazil, the Arab oil producing countries, even Israel) beats back an exhausted Ukraine and takes it over.
Photos of a triumphant Putin being crowned Superior Leader of Russian Affiliated Nations fill every screen.
‘Finally, a new world order dawns! America has been put in its place. Let Russia and China show us the beauty of autocracies. Let Europe embrace their Far Right parties. Let Trump or someone like him Make America Great Again, as in finishing building the wall on the border with Mexico, then build another on the border with Canada and put an end to all immigration, unless they’re blue eyed White folks.’
Could it happen?
Oh, yes, indeed.
Which is why it’s so important to go all the way out in support of Ukraine.
Since the start of the war, whenever Putin feels like it, he orders a wave of missiles to rain unto Ukraine and kill whoever stands in the way. Ukraine manages to intercept many of those missiles but, inevitably, some get through.
The ones which get through don’t land on empty fields. No. They kill people, destroy infrastructure.
And yet, we do not give Ukrainians all they need — short of nuclear weapons — to push Putin back.
Why not?
Because we’re afraid Putin will say, ‘I’m going to nuke you, too, America, and I can do it because I don’t have to answer to anyone in Russia. I decide who lives and who doesn’t. Just like my
‘Friend Forever’ Xi Jinping. And, yes, we want the rest of the world to copy our system. So, don’t you dare defy me because if you do — just for starters, I will nuke Ukraine — and I know you will do nothing about it but bang your table at the United Nations. How about that? Hear me well, decadent America, your time is over. This is my time. I will not lose this war.’
Do we let Putin get away with that?
So we must commit to winning and give Ukraine all it needs to defend itself and recover their territories.
Losing the war is no longer Ukraine’s loss but our loss.
Nations that looked to us for leadership will give up on us, as in ‘America is too involved with itself to have the wisdom to look abroad’.
So let us dare to answer Putin’s threats.
No nation has sacrificed so much for their freedom since WWII as Ukraine has.
How many more thousands of Ukrainians should die before the West has the courage to say, ‘we will not let you be exterminated by Putin, so…




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