Israel — The Failure of the Capable

4 min readMar 2, 2024
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For my daughter

Hamas’s attack on Israel on October 7th was a cowardly attack.
On that infamous day, a horde of Palestinians from Gaza crossed into Israel and butchered over one thousand Israelis. Some women were raped.
Those men doing the butchering had been taught to hate from the time they were young.
They had grown up thinking that to kill Israelis somehow would be redeeming. The blood they spilled would somehow give them meaning.
Then they ran back to hide in the tunnels they had dug in Gaza. Under schools, under hospitals, under homes. They ran back because they knew that was their only hope.
They could not envision life beyond striking Israelis and then running back to hide from them while pleading with the world to rescue them and so keep Israelis from hunting them down.
The date that Hamas picked is significant. October 7th. Putin’s birthday. It was no accident. Hamas’ cowardly attack was meant to be partly a tribute to the Murderer in Chief sitting today in the Kremlin, surrounded by accomplices and boot lickers who know nothing of dignity or compassion for others.
Hamas’s attack, from its inception, was clear in its objectives. ‘We will seize hostages and hold them to achieve our aims’, they said. ‘We expect harsh retaliation from Israel, but in the end, we will win over the world’s sympathy because Israel will not be measured in their response. And we will use our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers, our children, as human shields to protect us.’
How many Palestinians equal one Israeli? The number is growing and now nears thirty.
And yet, Israel’s military victory is a defeat in the view of a growing consensus, particularly young people.
Because Israel is the more capable. Because Israel is the far more advanced. Because Israel has made itself a first world nation and first world nations are expected to behave differently.
Russia is not a first world nation. It is a semifeudal state with nuclear weapons, whose small minded leader would not hesitate to trigger a nuclear war. With the consent of his frightened people.
Israel is in a whole different league than Russia, but when it came to handling this attack by Hamas, did not behave as it should have.
From the start, they could’ve said to the world, ‘we are vastly superior — militarily and as a society — to this band of barbarians who’ve attacked our people. This attack on us is…




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