Helsinki — The Play — Chapters 16,17,18,19 The End

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Two days later

New York Times headline.

President Trump Takes Charge

In a surprise press conference, the President admits to the nation that Russian hacking may have played a decisive role in his election. He then proceeded to give his full endorsement to the Mueller probe. He provided details of a phone conversation with Mr Putin, held earlier in the day, demanding an immediate stop to any interference with the American electoral process. Speculation has run rampant regarding the motives for the President’s about face…

The following day

Washington Post Headline

President Trump says Bye Bye to the Wall

While remaining committed to immigration reform, the President announced that he would not include building the Wall as a priority. ‘We can use the money for education and training of the American work force,’ he said to a stunned crowd in West Virginia. But there were no boos in the arena. Pundits were left puzzled at the move, with some speculating that he is feeling more secure as we head into the mid term elections, with others seeing it as an effort to broaden his support and woo the center. The decision comes right after taking an unexpected tough stance against Russian interference and openly stating that had it not been for the interference, Hillary Clinton may well have been elected President in 2016. The stock market greeted the news with relish and the Dow jumped 581 points to an all time high…

Chapter 17

Washington DC. Park. Evening.

Two men in suits approach. They spot a bench and sit side by side. They pull out their cell phones, turn them off and place them on the bench between them.

1st — Pretty crazy.

2nd — We knew he was full of surprises.

1st — It’s insane. After all we’ve done to provide him with cover.

2nd — I know. He must think we’re a yo-yo.

1st — You think the base will go with him?

2nd — They have a love affair with this guy… I don’t see it.

1st — But there it is. What bugs me is his new talk about bipartisan dialogue. Where did that come from?

2nd — You vote for him?

1st — Holding my nose.

2nd — We all did.

1st — Well, they can’t prove anything so we’ll keep our seats.

2nd — Maybe he had a stroke… one of those silent ones…

1st — Anything is possible.

2nd — Maybe he got hit by lightning… I read about this doctor who got hit during a rainstorm and became a pianist afterwards… he hadn’t been musical before.

1st — I suppose it could go the other way and you become a dope fiend. I’ll tell you this… if he gets the base to stay with him, that’s the rabbit out of the hat trick.

2nd — If he does that, he’ll win the next election.

1st — Bipartisan dialogue… can you believe it? We haven’t done that in so long we don’t know what it sounds like.

2nd — On the other hand… maybe we’ll get something done for a change.

1st — I suppose. I’m up for reelection and my opponent is getting all kinds of donations. Women and immigrants are up in arms.

2nd — You worried?

1st — A little.

They look at each other.

2nd — I’ll hate to miss our chats.

1st — Don’t count me out yet.

A gay couple goes by. They’re holding hands as they talk amorously.

Chapter 18

White House. One week later.

Press conference. Late afternoon.

The President at the lectern, Melania standing near him on one side, Ivanka on the other.

Trump — To all the women whom I have mistreated… I beg your forgiveness… in my fits of narcissism I violated your boundaries… treated you like chattel… thought myself entitled to your bodies to satisfy my carnal desires. Owning up to my transgressions is an acknowledgment of the predator impulse in me… a first step to understand it and to control it… for I have caused emotional injuries that have left you with scars. I have no doubt that… with the assistance of my wife Melania… I will in time conquer that disgraceful flaw in my character… and help me move toward becoming a better human being… and a better man. Thank you.

Reporters jump to their feet with an abundance of questions but the President simply waves to them and exits.

Chapter 19

White House. South Lawn. Midday

Melania is strolling on her own. Trump comes into the garden and calls to her.

Trump — Melania!

(she waves back at him. He approaches and they embrace)

Trump — What did you think?

Melania — It went very well.

Trump — I thought so, too. Will it help us win the election?

Melania — Dee… what will be, will be… and we’ll always have each other.

(they turn and holding hands, start to walk off)

(after a stretch…)

Melania — Have you thought about your tax returns?

Trump — Ah, those… let me think about that one some more.

The End

This play was written in 2018, right after Trump and Putin’s conference in Helsinki.

My intention was to help the president change course and lead the country in a different direction. Events, however, turned out to be quite different.

This work is copyrighted Oscar Valdes. 2018. All Rights Reserved. also available in, apple and google podcasts and buzzsprout.

This is a dramatization of events. I do not know Mr Trump, Melania or Mr Putin.




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