Haley And What Biden Must Do

4 min readFeb 15, 2024
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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In New York, a democrat just won the seat vacated by Republican George Santos, the troubled man who’d made so many wrong choices that he was expelled from the House of Representatives where Republicans hold a majority.
Candidate Nikki Haley, battling hard against Trump for her party’s nomination, took the opportunity to blame Trump for the loss of the party seat.
It is an uphill battle for Haley but she’s got something right. She’s got to attack and attack Trump. A wise course because there’s plenty to target.
She could’ve started earlier, when Chris Christie was also campaigning and made it his central point to criticize Trump — and so both could’ve joined forces against Trump and Ramaswamy — but that’s all in the past.
The point is she’s doing it now.
In going all out against Trump she’s affirming herself as someone who can lead her party. Someone willing to say to Republicans, ‘you are better than Trump’ and ‘Trump has misled you’.
It’s mid February. Much can still happen. Trump does not have the nomination locked up.
Yesterday, the Senate passed the 95 billion dollar bill containing aid to Ukraine and Israel.
Twenty seven Republicans joined Democrats to push the bill through. Those Republicans chose to oppose Trump who wanted no aid to Ukraine or Israel and prefers to paralyze the nation and any measures to deal with the border problems until his Highness returns to the White House…




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