Go, Christie, Go!

3 min readDec 10, 2023
Photo by BoliviaInteligente on Unsplash

You shined in the last Republican debate. So, finally, you’re trusting yourself enough to follow your instincts.
Good, because there’s no time to lose.
It also stood out how gallant you were in defending Nikki Haley from the attacks by Trump wannabe, Ramaswamy.
You seized the moment and ran with it.
There is something refreshingly attractive about how robust your anti Trump position is.
Believe me, you’re waking people up.
The Koch brothers may have been persuaded by Haley’s performance to throw their financial support behind her but it’s not the first time they are wrong. Haley is not in your same league when it comes to taking on what Trump represents.
In the Republican field, only you has shown the courage.
Keep pushing. Do not settle for running for Nikki Haley’s VP.
This shindig has a long way to go.
I am a Biden supporter, regardless of his age, but if you were to take him on and win, I could rest easy because I’d know there was someone sane in the White House. Someone with whom democrats could work with.
People are taking notice.
Did Haley go to Ukraine? No, but you did. That tells us something.
The Republican extremists who support Trump are in La La land. And they’re doing great damage to their party and the nation. You know that.
There is no place in this country for a Far Right government. That is not who we are.
There is no place for mass deportations but there is a place for a rational immigration policy.
So go all out, Christie. Never mind perfection, just push on.
DeSantis is no match for you. Never mind Ramaswamy, who can be safely ignored.
Please focus on differentiating yourself from Haley while holding strong and stronger on your anti Trump position.
Sooner or later, the wisdom of your position will kick in.
I’m reminded of Obama’s campaign against Hillary Clinton in 2007. There was a time when it looked like he had settled for running for VP, but then something happened and he geared up and went after her to eventually prevail.
You are awakening a sense of fairness in the Republican party, a renewed trust in the need for compromise, for building alliances, for dialogue instead of posturing hysterically about Trump being the knight in shining armor who at last has emerged to lead them to the Promised Land.
But there is no Promised Land. We make it up as we go. We scratch and fight for it, each party’s gains measured in inches because they come from hard compromises.
And in the process…




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