Gaza — The Hard Choices

4 min readJun 14, 2024
Photo by RoonZ nl on Unsplash

There will be no peace in Palestine with Hamas in Gaza.
There will be no peace for Israel with Netanyahu as their leader.
A Two State solution is essential but hard choices are needed.
Hamas needs to release the hostages, surrender and leave.

If Netanyahu had been doing his job, there would have been better security at the border with Gaza and the October 7th 2023 massacre wouldn’t have happened.
Israel has the military intelligence but they chose to ignore it. That was Netanyahu and the far Right in Israel wanting to escalate the conflict so they can reclaim Gaza.
Israelis have not held Netanyahu and his supporters to account.

Hamas’ leadership will do anything to preserve and enhance their status, no matter how many of their fellow Palestinians are endangered.
Hamas didn’t object one bit to having other Palestinians shield them from the Israeli bombs dropped in retaliation for October 7th. They built tunnels under Gaza to protect themselves but didn’t’ invite their brothers and sisters to shelter with them.

Biden and team have proposed a peace plan that has met approval of many parties.
Unfortunately, it does not call for the elimination of Hamas, so its prospects are limited.
And so Hamas…




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