Free Gaza — Isolate Hamas

5 min readMay 16, 2024
Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

Calls for a Free Palestine are everywhere. Implicit is the notion that Israel should pack up and leave. ‘From the river (Jordan) to the sea!’ goes the call.
Palestinians, together with their fellow Arabs, have been trying to get Israelis out of the area for over a century but have not succeeded.
So it would make sense to try another approach.
I am sure there are Palestinians today who would be willing to say to Israel, ‘we’re done fighting. Let us learn to live in peace with each other. We recognize you and renounce violence.’
And let’s get to work.
But the problem is that Hamas is fully invested in the defeat of Israel and for them no other solution makes sense. ‘From the river to the sea’.
The rest of the world, watching the horror of the rising number of dead and destruction, should try to get the message across to Gazans that Hamas’ approach is obsolete.
This ongoing feud will not be resolved by the two parties involved.
Israel does not have a solution. They have been unable to manage their own rage at being attacked.
Hamas rules Gaza because it intimidates and coerces their people.
Why would a sane person agree to be the cover for Hamas militants seeking shelter from Israel’s retaliation?
Those Hamas militants who killed 1200 Jews to start this latest war were once children. Children taught by Hamas to hate. Taught to hate Jews and surrender their lives to an idea that makes no sense.
Israel is not leaving…




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