Donald Trump and Elon Musk Meet

4 min readJun 18, 2024

The two men meet at an undisclosed location in the Mid-West where Trump is readying for a rally while prepping for the upcoming 6/27 debate with Biden.
They greet warmly and sit opposite each other.
‘I’ll say this, Elon… if you had been born in the US, you would’ve been my VP choice,’ starts Trump.
‘Thank you for that,’ returns Musk, ‘it is truly wonderful to hear it. You just made my day.’
‘And when I win in November, you’re tops on my list for Secretary of Defense,’ continues Trump.
‘Wow… I’m so honored… don’t know what to say.’
‘Say nothing… but that’s how highly I think of you… the way you manage your companies — all part time — and how you excite your audiences, how you motivate them and give them a sense of purpose, how people tremble when they hear you talk.’
‘Thank you, thank you,’ replies Musk, eyes now glistening from the emotion. ‘I’m deeply moved… but you’re the true master of working an audience. Your gifts are unbelievable. America owes you a debt of gratitude. We’re all so lucky to have you. I mean you could’ve kept building hotels but you chose instead to sacrifice and devote yourself to public service which is nothing but grief.’
‘Thank you, Elon. I’m glad you recognize the quality of my work. So many people are ungrateful, telling me that my main motivation is to be the center of attention and hold power. It hurts me to hear such talk.’
‘Brush it off…. the true lions of history ignore such blarney and push on’ continues Musk, ‘and you are one such lion.’
Trump smiles. ‘Can I quote you on that?’
‘Of course,’ says Musk.
‘A lion of history? Wow. I want to reassure…




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