Dearest Elon: Get Off Drugs

3 min readFeb 5, 2024

I know you think they make you more productive. That the stimulation you get from them give you precious insights you would not have had without.
You’re sadly wrong and delude yourself to think that your brain won’t suffer.
TSLA stock is down. Talk in the markets is that the company should no longer be considered one of the Magnificent Seven.
The Chinese are going to give you plenty of competition with their ramped up EV production and their worldwide distribution.
You’ve surrounded yourself with people who’re not telling you to quit the drugs.
That adds to the problem.
There are signs that you’re becoming erratic, overly impulsive, your judgment impaired as seen in inappropriate responses to questions.
Your companies, all of them, are bound to suffer if you continue using drugs.
The WSJ had a story on the front page over the weekend about how chummy you’ve become with fellow board members and how some have joined with you in the drug using.
Reading the article made me feel sad. Curiously, you looked lonely and emotionally impoverished in the photo for the article. All those billions are not giving you the protection you really need.
A couple of years ago or more, there was the sad story of a very successful businessman in Vegas, who’d built great wealth selling shoes, who took a turn to the drugs and ended up psychotic and died when the home he was living in burnt down.
He, too, had lots of friends who loved partying with him. But no one told him to stop.
Elon, obviously you’ve got a good mind but have chosen to not treat it well.
You’ve made many contributions to the world and have more to make, but if you persist using drugs you will undermine your potential. It happens slowly, almost imperceptibly, until it’s too late.
Then there’s the story of Miles Davis, the famous trumpeter. It just came to mind as I write these words.
At the height of his career he began to use drugs heavily. But he had the good fortune that one of the people close to him had the courage to go up and tell him that his work was not the same since he’d started using. He was losing his shine.
Miles heard the advice. He went back to the home of his parents determined to quit. He told them that he’d be locking himself up in his room upstairs and would not come out for a month, so he could kick the addiction. And he did. Please check out the story yourself. Or watch the documentary of his life.
Miles was at the top of his…




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