Chris Christie

3 min readNov 7, 2023
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Is the only Republican candidate who is confronting Trump’s supporters head on.
‘You’re not willing to face the truth,’ he says directly to them.
Christie is unafraid of the cries of Trump partisans asking him to shut up.
He waits for the wave of outrage to simmer down and he says it again,
‘You’re not willing to face the truth.’
In one of the clips that I saw, the camera cut to a panel of commentators and the anchor, pandering to the crowd, asked, ‘What kind of candidate says that to the audience.’ One commentator (that’s all I could stomach) began to immediately disparage Christie.
But Christie is right.
I don’t know where he stands on other issues, but his willingness to confront Trump’s supporters so openly says a lot about him. It spells courage and intelligence.
He’s gathered enough support to keep qualifying for the debates, so his message is gaining traction.
Compare Ramaswamy who, in one of the first debates, could not help himself from pleasing the audience, desperate as he was for approval, and said out loud that Trump was the best president we’ve ever had. Wow. It’s going to take some time and effort to undo that message and all it entails.
Polls keep coming out that Trump will whip Biden. I’m reminded of the polls that put Hillary Clinton ahead of Trump in 2016. And what a surprise that was for all of us.
But here are three issues where Trump fails atrociously.
His isolationism, his climate change denial and the horror of encouraging an insurrection to stay in power.
On his isolationism.
If Trump had been in power, there would’ve been no war in Ukraine. Putin would have asked,
‘would you mind if I take over Ukraine? Russians would really appreciate it.’
And Trump, who loved cozying up to Putin, would’ve answered, ‘How fast can you do it?’
You can say, ‘we would’ve saved thousands of lives, let alone infrastructure,’ but we would’ve been diminished as a nation. We would’ve sold out a people bent on asserting their right to be free.
That role as defender of democracy, is our nation’s obligation. We must do it because we have the capacity to do so.
On climate change.
Under Trump there would not have been the present push to convert to electric. In doing so our nation is saying ‘yes!’ to innovation so we can clean up our atmosphere. Trump, instead, would’ve sought out a few climate change deniers and hailed them as saviors of the world.
On the insurrection of January 6th.
He’s still holding fast to the…




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