Capitol Hill. Something is Wrong with America

3 min readJun 15, 2024
Photo by Harold Mendoza on Unsplash

A couple of days ago Trump returned to the Capitol.
It was a triumphant moment. He hadn’t been there since he left office.
And he was greeted exuberantly by his fellow Republicans.
Even those who had voted in favor of his impeachment or criticized him for inciting the riots on January 6th 2021, now applauded the man.
They fell over each other trying to touch him.
The lion had returned. The master.
Maybe some of the man’s gold dust would fall on them.
Could they just shake his hand, just be close to him for even an instant, maybe even get that selfie next to him so they can send back to their district to remind the voters of how tight they are with this exemplary — bordering on the divine — figure of American politics.
Oh his charm, the ease with which he insults everybody.
‘I will conduct massive deportations when I am elected. I will end the war in Ukraine in 24 hours!’ ??
The felony conviction in New York? That was a scheme brought about by envious democrats who invented all the charges to frame this historic figure of American politics.
And Trump might have thought, ‘what spineless bunch. I have them in the palm of my hands’.
All his flatterers were choosing to forget how this same man they were fawning over had, on that infamous January 6th 2021, made every effort to tamper with the result of the general election.
On that day he had asked his vice president, Mike Pence, to change the…




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