Biden -Turning the Corner

3 min readJun 11, 2024
Photo by Carl Hunley Jr on Unsplash

In response to Russia’s recent push into northeastern Ukraine, Biden has granted Ukraine permission to fire some of its American made weapons into Russian territory. The move came with conditions but it was a first and long overdue.
Weeks before, the UK had also given permission to do the same with some of its missiles.
Two consecutive moves and Putin didn’t fire his nuclear weapons in retaliation as he is fond of threatening.
I think China has something to do with Putin’s restraint. I suspect Xi Jinping called him up and said, ‘don’t do it, because if you do, we will get hit also.’
To commemorate D Day (June 6/1944), Biden, France’s Macron and England’s Sunak, gathered in Normandy 4 days ago and had the wisdom to invite Ukraine’s Zelensky to join them.
The gesture was symbolic of a strengthening determination to see the war in Ukraine come to its proper ending — the retreat of all Russian forces to behind their borders.
In Israel, Benny Gantz announced yesterday that he was leaving the war cabinet in the expectation that new elections will be called, offering a chance for Netanyahu’s ouster.
Biden’s team has been steadily working on a peace plan for the area that includes security guarantees for Saudi Arabia and normalization of diplomatic relations between it and Israel, something Israel has long desired.
The obstacle is that Netanyahu and his backers remain opposed to the principle of a Palestinian state, while Saudi…




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