Biden to Hamas — Surrender

2 min readNov 7, 2023
Photo by Mohammed Ibrahim on Unsplash

To Hamas –
You are the cause of enormous bloodshed. Nothing justifies the killing you did on October 7th, aided by the repressive and brutal regime in Iran.
And you, knowingly, used your people as human shields, to protect you from the wrath of Israel.
You have devalued and dehumanized your own people in such act.
Thousands of innocent people have died as a result with more likely to come.
You will not win this war.
No matter how much the world protests, Israel will continue to pursue you with the aim of extinguishing you.
But you can stop the carnage now, by laying down arms.
I suggest that President Biden asks for Hamas’ surrender and then help organize for everyone associated with the organization to leave Gaza.
Where would they go?
The developed countries of the world could join in offering to host those who’re willing to renounce further participation in Hamas and commit to educating themselves in professions that benefit others. It would be part of a lifelong endeavor to atone for their war crimes.
It is possible that Hamas’s leadership would not agree to such offer, committing instead to martyrdom, and labelling those who are interested as traitors to the cause.
If so, then they will all die. And no one but their relatives will mourn them, such are the atrocities they have committed and the series of events they have started.
It is possible that Israel, too, will object to such plan, not willing to exonerate…




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