Biden Does It

4 min readOct 20, 2023
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I didn’t intend to write a blog today, since I’m in the thick of a writing project, but I couldn’t resist.
I saw clips of your address to the nation from the Oval office, yesterday, and then read the entire transcript.
I was especially impressed by the fact that you, yourself, wrote the speech.
Thank you for that.
Not long ago, after you stumbled while answering a reporter’s question at the White House and
someone in your staff interrupted the meeting, I was disturbed by the notion that you were being ‘managed’. So I called for you submitting to a cognitive test to assess your abilities.
Your writing yesterday’s speech is equivalent to you passing that test.
Thank you.
In your address you called for America to fully support Ukraine and Israel at this critical hour.
We needed to hear that from you.
We needed to hear that you are fully invested in wining these two wars. And prepared for whatever else happens.
Putin will not use nuclear weapons because his own military will prevent it, so you should call for him to stop the missile launches from behind his borders and give Ukrainians everything they need to push Russians back out of Ukraine.
The Russian military will not let Putin use nuclear weapons because they look at their children and ask, ‘do I want them to go grow up in a nuclear wasteland?’ And the answer is, no.
The Russian military are letting Putin have his war in Ukraine, for now. But his days are counted.
Too many Russians have died in an unwinnable war.
Sooner or later, the Russian military will tell Putin, ‘it’s over. We lost. The West has better weapons than we do and they will push us back behind our borders. So, give it up.’
Any move by Putin to use nuclear weapons in desperation will be checked. As in, he will be removed from office, given a one way ticket to Siberia or simply eliminated.
So, push on, Mr Biden, we and our allies will win this war.
Thank you for going out to Israel while in the middle of a war to show your support, just like you did with Ukraine.
On Israel, you have the balance to look at both sides of the conflict, to speak against Islamophobia as well against antisemitism.
You have the wisdom to remind us that the two state solution in Israel deserves all our support, and that Palestinians have a right to their land and their freedom.
Palestinians do not deserve the cruelty of Hamas and must strive for responsible leadership.
Israel is going through a difficult…




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