Biden and Cuba. This is The Time

2 min readJul 27, 2021


Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

To lift the embargo on the island. And so I add my voice to thousands of others.

The embargo has done what it was supposed to do. Show the Cuban regime’s profound inadequacies, their lack of flexibility and imagination, their inability to stimulate markets or motivate their people to be creative and enterprising.

The expectation that the embargo would result in the demise of the regime proved wrong.

So long as the government has the guns they will not hesitate to fire on their people. Or persecute and incarcerate them to bring the population into total submission.

But you now have the option of lifting all restraints on trade.

Will the Cuban government benefit from such move? They will. But the main beneficiaries will be the Cuban people.

It has been clear in their minds that their regime is a grand failure and, in due time, will act to subvert and neutralize it.

Will Cuba become another China? Benefitting from trade with the West to then start to impose a punitive and restrictive system on their people?

It is very unlikely, given Cuba’s 60 plus years of self injurious stagnation.

There are no certainties ahead but we know that the need for change is great.

And with Cuba starting to shine after the lifting of the embargo, imagine the effect on the rest of Latin America. Notably Venezuela, languishing under the Maduro dictatorship. And on Peru, which now has taken a hard turn to the left.

The possibilities of significant ripple effects are great.

And here at home, the lifting of the embargo will likely turn Florida into a democratic voting state.

Doesn’t that sound appealing?

Wouldn’t that executive order of yours ring loud across the entire world, saying ‘The American president carries the bright torch of hope for the future of mankind.’

No small praise.

The time to act is most propitious, Mr President.


Oscar Valdes.




writer and psychiatrist with an interest in current affairs