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Your choice to waive the patents our pharmaceutical companies hold on vaccines against the coronavirus.

Yes, the world is in great need of the vaccines, but the fact that the US has developed them at great speed, owes much to the profit motive.

The fact that there were companies in place with layers and layers of expertise and knowhow to tackle the task of creating the vaccines at record speed, owes much to the profit motive.

That has to be respected because it is at the heart of the power to create.

Without those companies’ enormous outpouring of inventiveness and…

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They have benefitted enormously from the West, absorbing its science, technology and ways of doing things — everything they found worthwhile in every area of development — and then rose and rose, surpassing Russia and the Eurozone and pulling itself up to become a rival to America.

That they are seeking world dominance they won’t say but judging by the manner in which they carry on their appetite seems insatiable.

At no time has there been a greater challenge to democracy.

China is saying to us, ‘You cannot move up as fast as we can, and we will overcome you…

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The pain that comes from not having what we want, even though we have worked hard for it.

The pain of living that comes from realizing that nature gave us so much and that is it.

The pain of living that comes from recognizing others have more than we do.

The pain that comes from not having behaved as we would have liked to.

The pain of living that will not go away and yet we must learn to manage.

To manage it we have to look at it. Squarely. In detail.

And if we at first flinch or turn…

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Finally, after much concentrated effort, people with diverse skills and a history of endurance, get to be selected as finalists for the academy awards. And then the winners are announced. But there are no losers once you’ve entered that special circle. They’ve all showed remarkable ability.

But how does anyone recognize the field that if pursued with tenacity is more likely to bring recognition?

Is there an answer for everyone? Given that we are all unique, is there a road for each one of us?

I say there is, and if asked to give a common denominator to all those…

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Alexei Navalny, who’s been in prison since January after returning to Russia from Germany — where he was treated for poisoning with the nerve agent Novichok — went on a hunger strike at the end of March after prison authorities did not allow his family to visit him following his reports that he had developed back pain and loss of feeling in his legs.

The prison replied he’s receiving adequate medical care.

But two days ago, the Associated Press reported that a physician who reviewed lab results of Navalny’s brought to him by his…

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In the middle of the night, on March 29th, Adam Toledo was chased down an alley by an officer who’d been called to the scene by a report of shots fired in the neighborhood.

In a recently released video (April 15th — per request of Chicago’s mayor Lori Lightfoot), Adam was carrying a gun as he runs away from the officer who’s frantically shouting at him to stop.

Adam raced on for a stretch before finally halting.

Careful observers reported that he threw the gun he was carrying over a fence before turning to the officer who was pointing a…

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On the afternoon of April 11th, in Minneapolis, with the trial of officer Chauvin under way for the death of George Floyd, Daunte Wright is stopped by police while driving his car accompanied by his girlfriend.

He’s commanded to step out of the vehicle and does so. Three officers are present. Two African American males and a White woman.

Officers determined that there was an outstanding warrant for Mr Wright’s arrest.

Mr Wright exits his car as he’s asked to and an officer begins to apply handcuffs but has difficulty. …

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Is there a need for it?

What purpose would it serve?

Can such actions exonerate our guilt, or that of our ancestors?

Big questions.

What price can you put on the life of a person, the damage done to forebears, the pass-on negative effects, generation after generation?

Say that a given amount we’ll call X is awarded to an African American. Does that really undo the damage? Can we then say the problem is solved, the damage has been undone?

No, we cannot say that.

The danger is that if amount X is awarded, core beliefs would not change and…

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As of today, 536 citizens have been killed by the repressive forces under general Hlaing, the Burmese dictator, who seized control of the country on February 1, three months after his party had been soundly defeated at the polls the preceding November 1st.

General Hlaing did not have the decency to respect the will of his people.

But his people, undeterred, have continued to protest the general’s repressive actions in a huge civil disobedience movement.

The courage and sacrifice of the Burmese people are heroic.

You have to wonder what goes on in the mind of the general. How does…

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Earlier today, Brandon Elliot, 38, an African American male, was arrested for the assault on a 65 year old Filipino woman near Times Square in New York just two days ago. He has been charged with assault as a hate crime. He had been living in a nearby shelter.

The video, shot from the lobby of a residence in front of where the attack took place, shows Mr Elliot shoving the woman to the ground, then kicking her in the head. She was on her way to church.

The cruelty of the act is horrifying.

Mr Elliot had been on…


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